The team at php[architect] is excited this year to bring you the
11th edition of one of the longest running PHP conference in the world: php[tek] 2016
— running from May 23th-27th.

This year we have moved the conference to a bigger venue,
in St. Louis, in order to expand this year and for years to come.

We’ve finally announced our schedule for the year and will be featuring:

  • A two-day long PHP Essentials Training Class
  • 2 different full-day training classes (on Laravel & Web Security)
  • 6 half-day tutorial session
  • 46 sessions
  • … and 3 amazing keynotes by community members!

We also are planning lots of great activities to let you mingle with the community, get to know the speakers,
and make connections that will last the year through.

Join us at:

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Hirschmann の Classic スイッチにはパスワードを同期する機能があり、スイッチの管理者パスワードが SNMP コミュニティ名に同期されます。そのため、ローカルネットワーク上の攻撃者に管理パスワードが漏えいします。

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