JVN: SSL/TLS の実装が輸出グレードの RSA 鍵を受け入れる問題 (FREAK 攻撃)

SSL/TLS の実装の中には、意図して設定しなくても輸出グレード (512 ビット以下) の RSA 鍵を受け入れるものが存在します。このようなソフトウエアに対して中間者攻撃 (man-in-the-middle attack) が行われると、暗号化に使われている鍵を解読され、SSL/TLS トラフィックの内容を復号される可能性があります。これは「FREAK 攻撃」とも呼ばれています。

JVN: ShareLaTeX に複数の脆弱性

ShareLaTeX は、LaTeX ドキュメントを共同作業するためのサーバベースのソフトウェアです。ShareLaTeX には、ディレクトリトラバーサルの脆弱性およびコマンドインジェクションの脆弱性が存在します。

Bulgaria PHP Conference

The Bulgaria PHP Conference is an event organized by the local PHP user group: @bgphp. This is going to be our first conference but nonetheless we have attracted a number of prominent international and local speakers (http://www.bgphp.org/co…

Lone Star PHP 2015

Welcome back to Lone Star PHP for another great year! We’re in our fifth year and we’re making things better all the time. This year’s event will provide all of the great PHP speakers and content you’ve come to expect from Lone Star PHP. This year we are introducing the Training Day. Training Day will provide a more hands-on experience for all that attend. There’ll be plenty of time to spend with the local PHP community too through after-parties and other events.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors year after year we’re able to present this conference at minimal cost to our attendees, opening up attendance to many who could not normally justify the cost of similar events. We couldn’t do it without their support and we hope that this year you’ll help us share this experience with the community. With the amazing feedback we receive each year from our attendees and sponsors we continue to improve our event to keep our place as the best php community conference around.

SOLIDay 2015

Conference about software architecture, best programming practices and design patterns.

PHP Serbia will be organizing a big event on May 30, 2015 – SOLIDay conference. Nicely coined name, huh? It will be one of the major events in…